About Us

Historical Background
Arusha Press Club (APC) was established in 1992,as the first Press Club in Tanzania and was registered under The Societies (Application for Registration) Rules,1954  and given a certificate  SO.7346  issued on 4th August 1992

Organisational Culture, Mission, Vision and Core Values
Since its establishment the organisational culture of APC has been based on the observance of written and unwritten procedures and values based on the following important tenets;

A Media that is empowered to effectively participate in the development of democratic processes, combating climate change in the region and country as a whole

A democratic society fully embracing free, independent, vibrant and robust media in a sphere which is free from pollution

Club members are promoting the following core values;

       Claud Gwandu            -      Chairperson of the board
M  Mussa Juma                -       Vice Chairperson of the board
Cynthia Mwilolezi      -       Member
Pamela Mollel             -       Member
David Frank                -       Member
Veronica Mheta          -       Member
Julius Mungaya         -        Member
Zulfa Mfinanga          -     Acting  Executive Director
Seif Mangwangi         -      Coordinator/Programme Officer
Richard Mwaifuge    -        Program Accountant 


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  1. How can I join to APC? What are the cleteria?

    1. Magabilo ur mostly welcome, just come to the office for clarification, we are located at kaloleni street, furniture collection building nearby pentecostal church